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The Passion Economy

The economy is bananas, even scary. Old pathways to success are no longer an option for most of us. But some people are thriving, and we’re going to figure out how. Adam Davidson, New Yorker writer, longtime contributor to This American Life, and the creator of NPR’s Planet Money, unearths stories from regular people. People who have cracked the code to success in our new economic reality: There is a window of opportunity for small, passion-fueled endeavors.

The Companion Book

The 21st century economic paradigm offers new ways of making money, fresh paths toward professional fulfillment, and unprecedented opportunities for curious, ambitious individuals to combine the things they love with their careers.


Drawing on the stories of average people doing exactly this–an accountant overturning his industry, a sweatshop owner’s daughter fighting for better working conditions, an Amish craftsman meeting the technological needs of Amish farmers–as well as the latest academic research, Davidson shows us how the twentieth-century economy of scale has given way in this century to an economy of passion.

In The Passion Economy, he delineates the ground rules of the new economy, and armed with these, we begin to see how we can succeed in it according to its own terms–intimacy, insight, attention, automation, and, of course, passion. An indispensable road map and a refreshingly optimistic take on our economic future.


Meet the Host & Author

A contributing writer for The New Yorker, co-founder of Planet Money, and frequent feature of NPR programming, Adam received a Peabody Award for his work on This American Life. His writing has been featured across many esteemed publications and has been recognized with an impressive collection of awards. He worked on Adam McKay’s Academy Award-winning film The Big Short as a consultant on economics and, in 2020, published The Passion Economy, a guide to professional success in the 21st century.